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2022 SURVEY WITH CUSTOMERS: Consumers Risk Management in Daycares

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Being non-affiliated, our research center self-funds its projects and it is highly dependent on your citizens’ activity. Some of our surveys are continuing from the previous periods of time. Some of them are completely new ones. We, though, have surveys going all the time. And you participate in them all the time as well. It’s a two way project, so thank you for your job.

            Welcome for participation in our survey  

2022 SURVEY WITH CUSTOMERS: Consumers Risk Management in Daycares

With this survey we give you the opportunity to evaluate daycare services used by you and to have a customer's voice about the received value for your money.  The information you give us is strictly confidential. It is used only in summarized form with the answers of all other participants. Our research enterprise is unrelated to the use of personal data for profiling, databases and other such purposes. 

There are no right and wrong answers, but only personal opinions, observations and evaluations. Please answer the questions according to your level of experience, your personal competence and your awareness. If you are hesitant or have an opinion based on third party evaluations or rumors, please do not hesitate to answer "I don't know". 

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